Minimalist views, classic aesthetic.

THÉA Classic embodies the minimalist aesthetic. The system’s design leaves views unobstructed seamlessly merging the interior and exterior of spaces, freeing the boundaries to architectural imagination.

The system’s track is positioned directly on the floor, without the need for excavated track cavities in the construction phase. This results in a height difference between inside and
outside spaces, with the option of a flush with floor finish using a specially designed water drainage system.


The system’s specially designed track and water drainage system ensure easy and efficient
drainage of water to the outside of the structure.

Large Dimensions
Large Dimensions

Create large openings of up to 15 m 2 or more per sliding sash.
Specially adapted for projects near the sea with challenging environments, the system’s
sashes are fitted with heavy duty stainless-steel rollers and rods, offering trouble-free fluid
movement and unlimited weight loads per sash.


Enjoy a truly minimal frame with only 3 mm of visible aluminium on side sashes (pin-lock) and 20 mm on vertical posts.


THÉA Classic achieves outstanding performances in air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind load even in the most extreme weather conditions and is perfectly suited for the passive house concept with excellent thermal efficiency through insulating materials in the profiles and energy-efficient glass.


THÉA’s cutting-edge modularity provides limitless configuration solutions and design options tailored to your requirements.


Ensure the highest levels of security and burglar resistance through multiple locking points and customised heavy-duty locking hardware.


Glass panes are secured onto aluminium sashes with specialized structural silicone, fusing the frame and glass into one body for the highest levels of safety and security.


Installation is only by specialized and trained professionals.

Simply Limitless

THÉA’s modular design means limitless configurations.

Multiple track combinations, frame options including reverse post profiles and any number of
sliding/ fixed/ alternating or symmetrical panes, creates a vast range of configuration
possibilities, providing you with infinite solutions tailored to your requirements.

Single Track
single track
Double Track
Double Track
Triple Track
Triple Track
Multiple Track
Multiple Track
Corner Track
Corner Track
Multiple Track Combinations
Multiple Track Combinations
Post Selection

Multiple factors such as building topography, altitude levels, exposure to the elements and exposure in relation to adjacent buildings, determine the system’s appropriate wind loads and safety factors.

THÉA offers mullions of 20 – 30 mm wide sections depending on wind pressure and design considerations, as well as profile inserts for additional resistance to wind loads.

Glazing Options

Glazing options include 32 & 34 mm double or triple glazing. Acoustic membranes on glass panes are available for enhanced acoustic insulation.

glazing option 1
glazing option 2
glazing option 3
glazing option 4
glazing option 5
glazing option 6
glazing option 7
glazing option 8
Technical Characteristics
Maximum Sash Area:
15 m²
Maximum Sash Weight:
1000 kg+
Glass Thickness:
32 & 34 mm
Glazing Method:
Customised gasket for windows, structural silicone for doors & large openings
Performance & Classification
Thermal Transmittance Uw [W/(m²K)]:
≥ 1.2
Sound Reduction:
Up to 40 dB
Air Permeability:
Class 3
Water Tightness:
Class 7A
Resistance to Wind Load:
Class B3
Resistance to Frontal Deflection:
Class B

Colours & Finishes

Choose from high quality customisable or standard colours in any finish certified by Qualanod and Qualicoat.

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